At Ash Auto Group we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients realize their dreams. One of the toughest times for some of our clients is after a bankruptcy. You’ll find many dealerships that promise to get you a vehicle after a bankruptcy, unfortunately the terms are just not affordable. We take a different approach to helping you into a vehicle after a bankruptcy, and work with specialized lenders that offer you terms that are, most importantly, affordable! We have a simple three step process to find the best option for you and help you start on the right track to rebuilding your credit.
1. Discuss your priorities: It’s important to find the right vehicle for your needs, and your budget. We maintain an inventory of late model, low mileage, and most importantly reliable cars. Finding the right vehicle for your needs and your budget is our top priority. 
2. Identify the right deal for you: After discussing your priorities we will go over what type of deal works best for you. Identifying the right vehicle and repayment option for you can help keep you on the path to financial success. Most post bankruptcy financing that you will find is 24%-28.99%, which is absolutely absurd! Not only do they charge you an extremely high interest rate, they typically require large down payments. We offer a much better solution…
3. Rebuild your credit: In addition to offering financing options that will help rebuild your credit over time, we also have a vehicle step up program that is set up to notify you when you are eligible to upgrade your current vehicle. The benefits of this program are two fold… not only are you getting a newer vehicle, typically you will also see a reduced rate, and even better terms for your next vehicle! This not only helps you to improve upon the vehicle you are driving, it also dramatically reduces the time it takes to rebuild your credit.
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